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    I was just reading through a post from Ms.SlS about going from teaching HS to MS and some of the problems she is having.

    Prompted me to make this post because I enjoyed reading through some of the experienced MS teacher's posts.

    I would love to hear more from those of you that have more experience in MS.

    What are some of your more memorable moments teaching middle school kids? What coping skills have you developed over the years to get you through? What advice do you have for those new to teaching MS?

    Looking forward to reading some of your funny moments.:p
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    My "Be the Adult" class was a fun group. I had all boys (7th grade), and they were super fun. I loved the personalities of the boys when they were without the girls. Of course, they are middle school boys, and they thought EVERYTHING even remotely "dirty" sounding was hilarious. Sometimes it WAS funny. (I had 16 years experience with middle school at the time, and I'm as bad as they are sometimes.) One of them caught me crack a smile, and he told me that I was supposed to be the adult. "Be the Adult" was a common thread all year. They were also the "Quit it. Stop it. Put that down." group. Apparently those were the most common things I said because every time I'd say "Quit it," I'd be answered by a chorus of "Stop it, and put that down".

    You're got to have fun with middle school kids. They do need structure, structure, structure, but they also have to know that you really do care about them and their success. I have a soft spot for stinker boys. They're my favorites.

    I had one last year who was a mess. He ended up going to the alternative school, so I didn't have him very long. This year I had to cover a class for a teacher who was sick, and there was a boy who was new to the school. He tried to give me a hard time, and my stinker from last year came to my defense, telling the boy to stop giving me lip because I didn't take lip.

    Some of my biggest stinkers had me two years in a row because I used to teach both 7th and 8th grades. Most of them are grown now, and I often get Facebook friend requests from them. Once I was in the hospital, seriously ill, and a parent called the hospital to check on me. The counselor had talked to my students about me being sick, and his mom said he had called her from school, crying, asking her to call and check on me. So, they can be really sweet and caring under all those raging hormones and attitudes.

    Keep your sense of humor. Roll with the punches. One of the articles in our book is entitled "Sexual Harassment". Now, that in itself is bad enough. However, whoever designed the book and put that article on page 69 needs to be shot. We read a novel with a character named "Mr. Dick". There are always giggles. I usually have to give my speech. "I"m going to have to say 'Dick' multiple times during the discussion of this novel. We will never get finished if I have to stop to let you laugh every time I say 'Dick'. So, let's all laugh now, and we can get over it." Once I accidentally misread the word "peeker" as "pecker". What else is there to do but laugh with them? Uptight people really don't do that well in middle school. Now, you can't be lax with them or try to be buddies with them. That's a recipe for disaster.

    I've had 19 years with middle school. I love them . . . most days.

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