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    book called How to Handle Difficult Parents: A Teacher's Survival Guide by Suzanne Capek Tingley.

    I am not a reader. I have only read when I need to otherwise, I don't at all. I was at the teacher store today and happened to walk past this book. I noticed only the part about Difficult Parents and thought about a confrontation I had with a parent last week. I picked it up and began to flip through it. The little I read was hilarious and sounded just like the conversation I had.

    I was out of town visiting my boyfriend's brother's family. I always visit this teacher store and they always have some awesome things. Well, we decided to come home today. During the three hour drive home, I read this book aloud to my boyfriend. I absolutely loved this book and so did he, a farmer.

    This is a great book for any teacher and has a lot of great insight in dealing with parents. I highly recommend it.

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