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    I know there are teachers here who do yoga! I'm considering a yoga workshop that I saw advertised at my chiro's office, about yoga and things you can do for your back/spine.

    What potential do you think yoga has (if any) in fixing back/neck pain in individuals? I have been told that I have degenerative conditions in both my neck and back. I'm still able to do most/all that I've always done, but I'd like to get a good plan in terms of managing long-term. Could yoga be an answer?
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    Jun 24, 2016

    You would need to be VERY careful and make sure your instructor is fully aware of what your injury and limitations are. Rockhubby has a herniated disc in his neck, which is mostly being treated with rest and anti-inflamatories. He does yoga at least once a week through a wellness program at his office, using modifications agreed upon by him and his instructor.
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    I agree with cat. Be sure that your instructor is able to make appropriate modifications for you. When my daughter's back problems were flaring, her chiropractor gave her a lengthy list of activities to avoid--yoga was among them (as was lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds and vacuuming). Once she was pain-free, she was able to introduce yoga into her routine with the caution that certain poses need to be avoided.

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