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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by clynns, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Hi! I've recently been put in charge of my school's yearbook. I've never done it before but the biggest complaint I've heard from parents is the price. Any suggestions on companies that do a good job and aren't tremendously expensive? Thanks!
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    I did the yearbook for two years. Not sure what you're paying, but our price from Barksdale was around $13. It was about 40 pages long if I recall correctly and I think I ordered 250 books. It was 100% in color. We also do school photos with them so I have no idea how it would work if your school doesn't use them for the school photos. It's quite possible we have a lower price due to lumping it with the school photos.

    Good luck with whichever company you choose. I did it for two years. It was a ton of work and I definitely stressed about it, but having the yearbook come out and seeing the students enjoy it makes it totally worth it.
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    One way that some schools aim to lower the price that parents pay for the book is by having a catalog fundraiser, usually at Christmas time. The yearbook advisor/staff would set a goal that specifies the number of items or dollar amount that parents would sell to receive their yearbook free of charge. With parents who participated but didn't meet the goal, the yearbook staff would give them some type of prize, such as a half price deal or a coffee house $5 gift card.

    Older students who have participated in fundraising to earn their own yearbook often learned a lesson about the effort involved in earning something they want.

    I understand that not all schools allow fundraising, but I just thought that I'd share this possibility in case if your school would consider it.

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