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    I am currently in my second year of teaching a Middle School Yearbook class.

    We are in charge of creating the yearbook for the year and a weekly wrap-up video to show the school on Fridays.

    As the year progresses, I am having trouble keeping the varying levels of students engaged with the material. I have students who are completely finished with their spread ranging to students who are still on the beginning steps of their spreads. The weekly videos help keep some kids engaged but sometimes ends up being the same kids week after week.

    Does anyone on here have any suggestions for Yearbook class curriculum or ideas for instruction?

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    Creating the school's yearbook can be an extremely challenging undertaking, especially when you have to deal with an entire class of students with varying degrees of abilities and willingness to commit themselves to the project. From what I've observed, an after school Yearbook Club seems to work much better with a select group of determined kids. With that being said, here are some suggestions:

    If you're working with Jostens check out their Yearbook Curriculum which I'm guessing may be available to you for free. The sales rep assigned to your school may also be able to help get things back on track (it's in their best interest).

    Walsworth Yearbooks provides a 30-Day Unit Plan which may be helpful to you.

    Strategic Planning
    How often does the class convene? Progress on yearbook development seems to work best when there are multiple progress deadlines for each group assigned to specific tasks. Of course, every group needs to have a designated leader and every group member needs to know what is expected of them in each step of the process. As you may already know, your success will depend on adequate planning and getting the commitment of all participants.

    Although I obviously haven't seen any of them, the weekly videos sound like more of a distraction from the main focus of the class. Maybe someone else on your staff would be willing to help out with this (or simplify things and just eliminate them altogether).
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