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    I student taught in 1st grade and am now a teacher in 5th grade in a different state. Based on subbing and my first graders capability (in the other state), I began writing today. I used one of the prompts supplied by my district and was going step by step through a sample. We did the introduction and one body paragraph today. I asked questions like what does a good introduction include? No response. I listed a few things, and was still getting looks like this :mellow:. Uhhh. I went on to the body paragraph. What does a paragraph start with? :mellow: (I was hoping someone would raise their hand and say "a topic sentence"). When I said a topic sentence. Haven't you heard of that? I still got :mellow:

    So, where do I start? They apparently do not know as much as I had assumed. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :help::help::help::help::help::help:
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    Sep 12, 2007

    Start with the basics like writing good sentences and writing a good paragraph. Once you feel like they've got that down, move on to giving them prompts to respond to.

    You'd think that by 5th grade they would know these things, but sometimes they just forget. Also, I've found that in many schools, writing isn't (or wasn't until recently) a major focus so it was pushed aside a lot for the BIG subjects like reading and math.

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