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Discussion in 'New Teachers' started by lillebe, Jul 27, 2007.

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    I was just hired as a school writing teacher. I will be working with grades K-5 as a push in.
    I feel like I should start planning, but don't know where to begin. Should my school be giving me a curriculum guide that I can use that as my basis for planning?
    Also, does anyone have ideas on how to organize my things for each grade. I was thinking of getting binders for eacher grade and using the dividers for each month, to keep all my plans in. I was also thinking of color coding each grade, with folders to keep their work organized.

    I guess I'm, considered a special teacher (along with music, art, etc.) So does that mean I don't really have to worry about setting up procedures and classroom rules- since I won't even have my own room. I would just follow the procedures and rules of the teacher's room I am in.

    I'm sorry for this long post (which probably doesnt even make sense) I just feel overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. So any advice at all would help.. thanks so much!
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    The school may have a philosophy or curriculum for writing that it follows. It may use a system for all of language arts and you would have to follow that. On the other hand, they may have nothing. You really can't start to plan if you don't know what approach they take. If they leave it wide open, and you can create your own curriculum, decide if you are going to use something like 6 Traits or are going to do writer's workshop (Lucy Calkins).

    For organization, a cart with a file box on it would be good. You can keep writing and editing checklists and any handouts in it. You could use an expanding file for each class you work in.

    I think you should have your own procedures and rules, but keep them simple.

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