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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Giggles1100, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Hi Guys, been a while since I have posted and I have since moved from a HS Life Skills class to a private Theraputic school for kids with mental and emotional issues and I teach 5th grade!

    I think I have done well this year but now that I am moving into the writing semester of 5th grade I find that most of my students cannot write. Oh yes we have done journals and they can answer questions but writing a good sentence, much less a paragraph in not in their vernacular. To top it off 1/2 of them loathe writing and I have tried to make their journal writing fun and I do not grade them, but give them fun topics and story starters.

    I have downloaded a few writing handbooks for this grade, but none of them are giving me what I want, they know what a noun, verb etc is. they know idioms and similies etc, but they cannot seem to be able to use them in their writing even when I ask them to add 1 of them into their writing.

    My son did the Writing Happens program last year andi hated how much work it was for me but he had a notebook full of some great, very simple worksheets on how to use these ideas. The problem is, my son tossed his notebook at school and it never made it home at the end of the year and his district no longer uses it. I have tried googling it but I have found nothing. Does anyone use this program or know where I can find some of these worksheets?

    Or do you have other ideas for me to use, Mind you I have ED and autistic and Asperger kids so I have to be able to modify it to fit their 1 track brains It can even be info for lower grades.


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