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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Ms.C teaches, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Sep 23, 2011

    I'm looking for fun ways to implement writing into my day. Only 2-3 of my kids can write 2-3 sentences about a topic....5-6 need words hi-lited so they can trace them....and the rest of the class falls somewhere in the middle.

    I would like to do daily journal writing...any suggestions??

    According to our district curriuclum mapping, I was to have them write about person in their life. Two of my kiddos did this ok....the other 5-6 I started their sentences on chart paper and the other I had them tell me their sentence and I hi-lighted it on their paper. I want them to just write and not worry so much about spelling, so I even told them to underline a word they weren't sure how to spell....lol, no one underlined anything, but I had 13 voices going at the same time as to how to spell every word they were writing!!! :help:

    Everyone on this site is great and I really appreciate your suggestions!!! :dizzy:
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    Sep 23, 2011

    My suggestion is to not do journal writing with students that can not yet write. Focus on learning the basics of sentences and using the topics of "person in their life".

    This is very basic and I'm not sure how low they are, but....
    Start with a basic sentence structure such as "Mommy is ....." Provide those words for them to copy. Have them read the words first then write the words. Have them choose something simple to fill in the blank and write the word. Then have them build upon the sentence if they are cognitvely able to do so.

    These kids need to be directly taught sentences from the ground up. Subject/verb and build. You can have them orally tell you about a person in their life, but you certainly can't expect them to fill a page when they don't know how to write a simple sentence.

    Many will disagree with me, but the biggest problem with other kids and written expression is they have been never taught the basics of sentence writing. They are often taught to get their thoughts out and fix it later.

    Think about this, if you go and do something wrong over and over and over again, isn't that what is going to stick in your brain? That practice of doing it wrong will be the automatic process. While a good portion of non-disabled kids can eventually fix the problem, kids with academic disabilities really need to learn to do things correctly from the start and the best scenarior (which is near impossible) is doing it correctly every time.

    If you want the thoughts from them, have them tell you. Then pick one or two things for them to write basic sentences from where the majority of the information they can copy (for those that are really low).
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    Good thought a2z, very good. I do agree with you. Ms. C teaches, I would would atart with teaching the kids sight words first. e.g I, can, see etc. If the students master sight words then they can make simple sentences of their own. e.g. I can see or I see a cat. etc. if possible draw a picture of cat. For starters I would create a little journal with these words for the kids to trace these words. The more they practice sight words and trace words they practice in sentence form they will develop a writing skills of their own at their levels. I hope I made enough sense and that these helps. Of course, if you teach 1st and 2nd grade SDC, I will assume their levels will be kindergarten or below. You may want to get ideas from that level of teaching to implement.

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