Writer's Workshop in a resource room - HELP!

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Burned Out One, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Do any of you resource room teachers teach Writer's Workshop? Here's my situation:

    I'm at the elementary level. I have a group of 3 (sometimes 4) students that I see at the same time. One of the students is supposed to be doing "writer's workshop," while the other two are supposed to be working on individual goals & objectives. Yet, I'm supposed to be teaching all three students at the same time. They all have such different goals and objectives, and I feel like my "writer's workshop" student is so involved -- how do I meet the needs of all three learners at once?

    I'm sorry, for ranting and raving like a lunatic. (Clearly I'm in the middle of an emotional melt-down). How do you guys balance your instruction and individual work? Currently, I find that I am being made responsible for most of the general education curriculum/instruction my students are receiving. I feel like I'm struggling to find the time/balance of providing the instruction my "general curriculum" students need with the support and instruction my other students need. How far can you differentiate while still being effective?

    How is it that I am struggling so much with my differentiation?
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    Have you tried setting up mini-centers for them? Like have activities for each set of students to do on their own first. For your writer's workshop, have a picture prompt or a writing prompt ready for the child to start. While he/she is doing that, work with another student and have your other student doing something else as well. Then rotate and conference with each student on what they are doing/have done.

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