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Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by nsenyo, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Jul 25, 2009

    Hi All! I am struggling with fitting everything in to Language Arts. We (finally) have a 2 hour language arts block, where I will devote 1 hour to reading workshop and 1 hour to writing workshop daily. I need help with figuring out how to fit in word study (actually WORKING with the words, not just spelling tests) and daily oral language (like identifying parts of speech, etc.)

    I have tried introducing my word study words on one day in class and the rest of the work they do for homework. This is not working. I need to have a more direct hand on their word study. As for daily oral language, I was giving sentences with mistakes in them for morning work. They worked on two sentences a day and we went over them on Friday. I tried to throw a mini lesson in here or there about apostrophe and such, but my kids still really struggle.

    Any ideas?
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    Will you give mini-lessons in the writing hour? Use some for grammar and punctuation. For parts of speech, and lots of fun, use Mad Libs.

    I included vocabulary with their reading and social studies lessons, figurative language in reading. I had to squeeze in word work - roots, affixes, contractions, synonyms, homonyms, spelling patterns - where possible.

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