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    I am a sped. teacher working towards my ESL endorsement. This semester, I was to complete a practicum, but unable to due to districts around me not accepting field experience candidates because of Covid. My practicum is only 60 hours. Completely understandable, however, it hinders my prospects for an ESL job-- all of which is beyond my control.

    Today, an ESL job posting showed up in a district about fifteen minutes from my house. The job said that the TESOL endorsement is required and a Intervention Specialist license is preferred. I know in some neighboring districts, along with the district I am in, sometimes when you are working towards a license, they'll hire you for the job by you have "X" amount of time to complete it. A friend of mine works in the district and I explained to him the situation. He did say that a "2 for 1" (practicum as well as holding the job title) has been done before in the district.

    It is my understanding the district has one other ESL teacher, and the job replacement is for an individual retiring. I would like to apply for it and be upfront that I do have a practicum to complete. Any suggestions as to the best way to phrase it on a resume and cover letter?

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