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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by Eccentric Python, May 26, 2017.

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    I took my TPA classes a long time ago, the first one in August and the last one some time in September. I didn't feel confident in turning in my TPAs after the classes and after working on them for so long I just dropped the whole responsibility and quit school. I was and still am afraid of failing the TPAs because there is just so little help out there to pass them and every time I look at them I feel like I know less and less about education than I originally thought. I feel like I never even got a sense of what "developmentally appropriate instructional activities" entails, or how to address "developmental needs" and "content goals" through understanding "information about a class." Honestly, when I read these TPAs, I feel like what I was taught in my credentialing program was total BS. It probably was. I attended Phoenix so all I had to do throughout my program is BS one paper after another, and as a philosophy major I know exactly how to BS anything.

    I know I've messed up beyond any measurable repair. I know that I let my fears turn into laziness, and there is no turning back. Looking at these TPAs makes me question whether or not I will ever be able to grasp what the hell any of this crap means. I can't tell the difference between accommodations and modifications off the top of my head. I can't explain what subject specific pedagogy even entails or specific instructional strategies for ELLs. All I ever had to do was briefly research this stuff and then write a paper on it. With these TPAs I feel that it is obvious I actually have to understand each concept intensely and thoroughly, which I don't at all.

    And to make matters worse, I lost all the previous work that I even tried to do on these TPAs! So if I even try to complete them I will have to start fresh. Honestly, do I even have a chance at being a teacher?
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    Welcome to teacher preparation program. First, relax the TPA is not an accurate measurement of your ability to teach. Second, here is a little known secret teacher preparation programs don't prapare you for everything in teaching. Worst case scenario you don't pass your TpA on the first try. You're allowed to resubmit them and try again. Check with your school and see about what happens to students who don't pass on first try. Third, even if you don't pass the first time your future employer won't know. It won't make you unhirable.
    Assume that the person who reads it has never been to school. Be very thorough in your explanations. Spell out and explain any abreviations or acronym used

    "I can't tell the difference between accommodations and modifications off the topof my head"

    Accommodations assist the student. For example use of a calculator, extra time, moving or working in small groups or preferred seating. These are all examples of accommodations.
    Modifications change expectations. For example giving a student to a smaller amount of problems to complete or limiting the possible choices in a multiple choice question. Modifications take into consideration the students abilities and needs when assigning work or assessing mastery.
    Take a deep breath and get back into it. They are intimating. But they are passable.

    Whatever you do DO NOT copy and paste. They ask you the same questions over and over again. Answer it multiple times and don't just copy and paste. (That will fail you for sure)
    Good luck


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