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    I was at a Job Coach interview today. Job Coaching special needs kids ages 15 to 21
    Gosh, how I hate interviews! I'm 100% not spontaneous person, so unless I know most of the questions in advance and practice answering them, I do awful.

    This is a new position for me, never interviewed for a Coach before. So, some of the questions were rather tough to answer without preparation. How would you answer these questions?

    1. Rate yourself from 1 to 10 in work ethic. What does work ethic mean to you?
    I rated myself as 8-9. Told them I always like to do my best in any position.
    Work ethic for me is doing your best at the job, finding solutions to non-standard situations, being understanding of special needs of kids...
    I feel that wasn't the best answer. I should've added being responsible, being on time

    2. Give examples of having to be independent at a job?
    My job experience is mostly substitute teacher and aide. So, I gave an example of coming in to sub working with a special needs child and I wasn't told he was deaf.
    Nothing else came to mind during the interview. Have a hard time thinking of a good example even now :(

    3. After they finished interviewing me, and after I asked them a few Qs, all of a sudden, one of the women asked in less formal voice: So, what interests you in this position?
    I already relaxed and was taken totally by surprise by that one. I basically answered just like I did in the beginning of the interview, that it's working with special needs kids, I have a lot of experience in that and I would be a good candidate......
    I feel like I should've given her a less formal answer, but again, without preparation....

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