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Discussion in 'Early Childhood Education Archives' started by diggerdeb, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Aug 25, 2006

    I was just reading everyones response about LOTW and the subject of word walls was raised.

    Can we talk about it?

    What are you putting on it the first week?
    How are you introducing it?
    The first week, many of my kids have never used a pencil, will they use?

    And a BIG question-we use D'Nealian writing. I have seen kids copy words and have bad letter formation. They learn bad habits and then the K teachers are unhappy because they need to teach the "correct" way to make letters.

    I am so excited to talk about this issuse.:D
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    Aug 26, 2006


    I used a word wall last year in my 4 yr old classroom. I forget the exact way we introduced it. On the first week we had the kids put their names under the letter their first name started with. From there whenever we introduced a new theme/unit we'd use the word wall. For instance, we did alot when we discussed transportation (train, truck, car, airplane, boat, etc) and community helpers (teacher, banker, doctor, etc). Our kids loved the word wall. Sometimes during circle time we'd go over each word on our word wall. As far as writing the words, since our kids were just turning 4, my partner and I would write the words.

    Good luck with your word wall!!
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    Aug 26, 2006

    For our first week, we're just going to talk about what our word wall is- the letters, the fact that they're in order, etc... and I'm going to sing the abc song as I'm pointing to the letters, so they understand that each letter has a place, and all that.

    After that, we'll put up each friend's name and talk about how many syllables (parts) are in each name, how many letters... And then we go with whatever our lotw is.

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