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    I am an elem. special ed teacher. I have a young student with Williams Syndrome. Wondering if anyone else teaches a child like this and what are some successfull things being used. Behavior is a problem, and transitioning to and from other classes, and in the regular classroom. Also what are some type of lesson ideas that have been successful? Thanks for any and all help. JF
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    Sep 10, 2002

    Hello Janet I am also new to this chat page, however I was searching the site and saw your inqury on williams. I am a regular ed. teacher in the second grade. This is my second school year with a child who has williams in my classroom.
    He currently comes for science, social studies and health. Their is not a lot of information available on this syndrome. At the end of last year this child was able to read his name and a few basic sight words. In addition he was able to do basic math facts with a number line. It seems that he has lost virtually all this knowledge over the summer and at this point he is pratically re-learning how to write his name.
    Behavior was a problem for me at first, with respect to his attitude. He flat out refused to do anything. Almost lazy, he just didn't want to try.
    We were fortunate to have good home support, and the parents really buckled down on him, as did we at school. He simply began to loose privilages. We rewarded very small steps. If you walk from my room to the other without stopping or making any noises then you get a sticker or some small reward. This seemed to work well.
    In the regular ed room I gave him a student partner, and limited to his work to only the craft we were making and writing his name.
    He responds very well to one on one attention.
    As far as lessons that work well, with this child he is only able to grasp a concept that he can touch. For example in science we studied insects, he liked this. However he choose only one insect and explored it. It was a ladybug. Then we did counting with it as well.
    It seems that he is only able to retain things that are repetitive, rhymes work very well. He is unable to use phonics. Any reading has to come from pure memorization of meaningful words like mom and dad etc.
    Picture cues help a lot.
    He is a very picky child, who holds things against you. You have to be stern and gentle when pushing him into things. For example he will not at anything other than a ketchup sandwich for lunch and stick pretzels. I had ABC pretzels and he wouldn't eat them b/c they were a different shape.
    I hope I've been some sort of help. Honestly this syndrom is a mystery to me and our special education teacher.
    If you find something that works let me know. amanda_a@treca.org

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