who is in charge of homework now?

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    last year 2004 i started out as a teacher assistant to a limited service teacher who was studying to be a youth minister. he was filling in for my regular teacher while she was on maternity leave. before he didn't know anything, i kinda started as the teacher per say----i did the spelling words lists, came up with all the homework, did alot of the teachers duties. when my teacher came back i was still struck with during the homework, spelling lists, etc.
    since a new year is starting, should i speak up? i like my teacher but i think i should only be responsible for copying homework and any other materials as she needs them. i also have to tutor two hours a day because we have the barkdale reading program in our school. (don't get me started on that subject) why can't we do what we are suppose to do in the classroom? any

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