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    I'm updating my resume for this year and I'm not quite sure where to put one of my jobs, at the top or bottom. I've been working for the same company off-and-on doing project work for years and I'm technically currently working for them (starting another project next week). I've held three different positions over the years. The three positions are similar in duties, except dealing with vastly different student populations, and I'm like a junior supervisor for one project. The job is in the ed. sector and therefore relevant to teaching.
    Do I:
    a. List at the top because it's one of my current jobs?
    b. List at the bottom since it was my first "real", degree-requiring job?
    c. List each position separately as they occurred in relation to other jobs I've held?

    I can make an argument for any of those and I'm not sure what would make the most sense to a stranger or if any of those would seem like an error/oversight to someone else. If I say I've worked there 20_ _- today, does that seem like I'm being misleading about how long I've been there when it's project work and my longest stint was six months?

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