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Discussion in 'General Education' started by AdamnJakesMommy, Oct 24, 2013.

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    Oct 24, 2013

    I know and understand how important it is to deal with the majority of behavior issues in the classroom. My worry is I might not refer when I need to. I've looked at the employee handbook and it says things like weapons, fighting, etc. need immediate referral. I have one class where practically every student has their worst enemy in the class with them. The class itself is fine, obedient, compliant, really only a handful of discipline problems. They just won't stop picking at each other!!!!!!!!

    I had one student the other day who asked another student where he lived so he could bring a machetti to his house and hit him with it. It was said at the lunch table and then reported to me by another student. This is a threat, not an actual weapon, but the manual says nothing about threats. My team teacher sent him to the office for it, but would it be more appropriate to send him to the time out room and then contact the parent and inform them, or is a threat something that should be referred to the assistant principal?

    I had another student threaten to punch another student in the face. I scolded him, gave him silent lunch, and then sent a note home for mom to sign informing him of what he said and how it was handled. Mom sent note back saying it had been addressed with son and would never happen again. Again, I think that was the appropriate action, or should threats like that be taken more seriously and involve an administrator?

    I just don't want to get in trouble for NOT referring when I should out of fear of being labeled one of those teachers who "refer" too much.
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    At the high school/middle school level, I would have referred machete kid, and given punching student a detention. I'm sure it's different with younger kids. Typically, I save detentions for extreme situations (violence, serious threats or language). I detention everything else, and then repeat offenders start getting referrals after two or so detentions. Calls home are all on top of this.
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    I think I would have referred machete kid and written up punchy student. Even though the kid said he was only going to 'hit' the other kid with the machete and didn't actually say 'kill' him with it, that's still threatening with a weapon.

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