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    Jul 25, 2002

    We have ten recommendations (maybe eleven) and procedures to follow when in a dispute whith a para-professional or TA ( or anybody you have to work with) in order of importance. Cite source: CTA (California Teachers Association). Your Friend in Combat, Gary Moris...Visit us at Special Education Teachers Community...

    1. Talk to them and try and work things out
    2. Keep a diary of relevant conversations that support your position
    3. Continue to log entries into diary
    4. Let supervisor know there is a dispute going on (no surprises later)
    5. Put actual dispute into writing ( supervisor's knowledge)
    6. Modify TA or para-professional's work load and responsibilities
    7. Arrange a meeting with principal
    8. Have them observe how it's done (teaching strategy or whatever is in dispute) in another classroom
    9. Try to use their strengths to alleviate some of the pressure
    10. Call union representative and discuss problem
    11 Move on to another job...this actually happens
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    Jul 25, 2002

    Hey! Maybe you could clarify what this post is actually about? It seems more like a statement about parapros than a question. What question are you asking? I'm confused!

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    Jul 25, 2002

    I could have used this last year! One of my aides and I DID NOT get along well at times. She would go out of her way at times to make things hard in the room. I think she asked for a transfer after she thought I was trying to get her out of the room by suggesting she take another position that might have been offered for this up & coming year. I hope this year will be better.
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    Jul 25, 2002

    clarify post..?

    Did you read the first part,,,,??? these are recommendations you can take to protect yourself if you become embroiled in a dispute with TA or para-professional that you may work with in the classroom... The numbers next to list did not transfer over when I "copy" and "paste" the list from my e-mail file. Your Friend in Combat,Gary Morris, Note: I have corrected this problem, Thank You for alerting me ......

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