What's your best "teaching reading" tips/advice?

Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by clynns, Jul 14, 2009.

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    My students struggled the most last year in meeting the required reading standards. My principal wasn't too rough on me but I feel it will be different if our kids aren't as up to par next year. I know I should have done reading groups more but it was so hard with rarely having an assistant and watching all of my other kids. I feel like I used the time I did have for reading groups wisely. By the end of the year my kids had at least 60 sight words that they were pretty solid on. I just had so many kids who just were so far behind from the beginning and never really caught on. I'm curious to know some of your "teaching reading" advice or tips. Thanks!
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    Small group instruction is really hard in Kinder, but I think absolutely vital. They need that "push" to get them from reading level to reading level and to be able to use strategies when reading. Sight words are important, but so is fluency and comprehension. I use workstations for the other students when pulling groups. I do not have an assistant either - I just kind of walk around and monitor the students between groups and make sure everyone is on task.

    I also use a lot of poetry. I have a poem a week in a pocket chart and we read it chorally during whole group. At the end of the week it goes into the workstation and the kids can read it themselves by then (by memorization). They love it and look for the new poems on Mondays.
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    Reading is something that, for the most part, happens when the child is READY. Keep offering good, literacy-rich chances for the child to encounter print and skills for the child to become a reader.

    Check into the Daily 5/CAFE. It is WONDERFUL for reading, what the other kids are 'doing' and creating a climate that makes being able to meet with small groups possible.

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