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Discussion in 'General Education' started by amh1819, Jul 3, 2021.

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    Jul 3, 2021

    I haven't posted in here in a very long time! I would love your advice. At my current school (K-8 independent school), my principal gave me the choice of grade level and subject area to teach next year. I chose 6th grade ELA. 4th and 6th grade are my favorite grades. I will work with a team of three other teachers, each teaching a specific subject. I will have close to 90 students. My background includes student teaching 4th grade, 2 years in 1st, 1 year in 5th and 2 years in 2nd grade. I've also been a long term sub in 3rd and 6th grades. I prefer upper elementary to middle school grades. I don't want to go below 4th grade anymore. Yesterday, I received an email from a principal at an elementary school very close to my neighborhood asking if I'd like to interview for a fourth grade position. I didn't apply for the job. She had my name on file because I had contacted her a year ago regarding my interest in the school. This school is part of a larger district. It has a lot more resources and the pay will be $3,000 more a year. The calendar is pretty much the same. Both schools are within 10 minutes from my house. I haven't had the interview yet, so I may not have a choice at all, but in the event I get offered the 4th grade position, I honestly don't know what to do. I'm sure I will learn more in the interview and that may help me. What are your thoughts on teaching 4th grade vs. 6th ELA, teaching at a small school vs. large school, etc? What questions should I ask the principal in the interview? I know this doesn't seem like a problem, but it is. I have a good relationship with my current principal, but I'm not "attached" to my current situation. Either choice will be something new for me.
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    I’d be inclined to stay. You sound reasonably happy. $3000 is significant, but would not be enough to make me change schools unless I actively wanted to. But if it’s really a toss up between the two places, you’re right, it doesn’t hurt to interview.
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    So my understanding is that you have taught 4th grade before, you haven't taught a full year of 6th (long term sub - my assumption of time frame). I would have no problem interviewing at this time in the school year calendar. An interview may help you clarify pros and cons. I would, however, want to interview essentially now, not later, just in case you decide to change districts. That shows concern for the district that you may be leaving, and speaks highly of your awareness that changing districts affects your current district.
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    Check your state policies on resignation. In my state, if you resign after a certain date (July 15, I think), the district you resign from can choose to hold your license for a year. My district does not do this (if you don’t want to be there, they don’t want you), but some districts which have a harder time filling positions have done it.
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    Cross that bridge when it looms, honey
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    I think you could certainly interview, but there are serious reasons to consider staying even if the interview goes decently well.

    The mere fact that the principal gave you a choice of grade level and subject is encouraging -- there are principals who wouldn't even consider your feelings, much less give you a choice.

    That said, at a smaller school there's probably a slightly higher chance you may be asked to teach other subjects/grades in the future -- maybe ones you're not as comfortable with.

    Generally, there are pros and cons to any environment, and it just depends on what makes you happiest.

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