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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by TeacherWhoRuns, Jul 17, 2017.

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    I have taught for several years at my district's STEM-based summer school program. This year I asked for a letter of reference and they agreed, but asked me to write up some bullet points to include.
    I'm not sure what to write, other than the same thing I already have on my resume and cover letter about it being a summer STEM camp attended by students throughout the district. We do a decent amount of PD, and it's team based teaching, so I could include that, but I'm not sure what else a district or principal might like to see in a letter of reference.
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    Whatever you are most proud of, maybe a program you started, increase in enrollment, and PD that would make you more marketable. Be specific. I had a PBL unit that I constructed from a small question that I asked about ecosystems. Although geared for my Honor's class, I was able to modify it for all classes the following year. My LOR from my supervisor noted that unit, my ambition as evident by the PD I had taken part in, and my drive to continually push myself to incorporate what I learned in my classes. My desire to grow as a teacher was a strong positive. Everyone will have their own list of things they are proudest of, things that you may not get to drop into an interview or conversation. Virtually every LOR I have ever read talks about how the staff like and appreciate you, etc. Give the writer some meat to add to the fluffy potatoes.
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    Do you have a description of a specific position you're seeking? You could use that as a map to emphasize your strengths for each part of the listing.

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