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    Hello all, I've got a substitute teaching interview coming up, and I need some help with deciding what I should put in my teaching portfolio. So far, I have my resume, license, references, transcripts, as well as a lesson plan I used from my student teaching, the chapter notes for that lesson, a quiz, test, and test answer key. I plan on adding my philosophy of education, as well as some examples of best student work, plus, an assignment from my education colloquium that analyzed a lesson from my student teaching. Anything else that I should include. Any help would be appreciated.
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    What you want to use your portfolio for is basically proof or evidence that you do all the things you say you do in the classroom when asked in the interview.

    Ex 1:
    "How do you keep parents involved?"

    "I usually phone parents if there is any issue or concern. Here in my portfolio [turn to that exact page], you can see my documentation and phone logs. I also have a website, here are some printouts of the website showing updates and important reminders and due dates."

    Ex 2:
    "How do you use data in the classroom?"

    "I analyze student data and use it to help plan out lessons. For example here [turn to exact page in portfolio of quiz data/grade distribution with notes and highlights and student names blacked-out] you can see how I've analyzed the data for my quiz on the Reformation. I see that students didn't quite grasp the concept, so I went back and clarified the things that seemed most difficult and went over concepts that were most missed on the quiz."

    Remember, many people won't ask to see your portfolio, it's up to you to show what you've got.
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    Halfpint...great tip about printing pages from the website!!

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