What to do for advanced 1st grader

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by newbie0809, Jan 5, 2014.

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    Hi I started at this school about in the middle of the year and got a combination of students from two different classes. I kept most of the things the previous teachers were doing like the same homework schedule/assignments and things in take home folder so as not add more confusion One of the things in the folder is a dolch list with 24 word lists. We test them each Friday and they need 80% on each list to move to the next. Anyway I have a student who could read through the whole list in one sitting. The teacher told me these were the words they were supposed to know before the end of 1st grade. I was going to move him on to a second grade list. However I cannot find a list like it and I believe this is actually ALL the dolch words because of how many words there are. SO this student can read just about anything. He "tested" as reading on a mid year second grade level. I have a couple more that aren't far behind him. He has small behavior problems like talking and I think part is because of some adjustments in his home life and the other because he catches on to everything like that especially during reading time. So I want something for him to practice on at home and to test on so he's not left out but I want to challenge him as well. What else can I do?
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    I find giving a lot of time for more independent work and decisions helps the more advanced children. I do my version of Daily Five which enables the advanced children to pick their own interests and appropriate leveled books to read. I also do a lot of math activities which are fairly open so the children who are ready can expand their work.
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    I agree with Emonkey. Give more advanced independent work. Also, I wouldn't be as concerned about giving him home work for the sake of home work. I expect that he is already going beyond most of the kids in what he does at home. It is just not the repetitive and boring homework that you are talking about that may be necessary for some to memorize Dolch words.

    About blaming the talking on "home issues"..... I would avoid that thinking until you get his school academic level under control. Blaming home issues instead of his boredom with the work you expect him to do that is well below his ability is like blaming the home life of teachers who will whisper and talk during PD that doesn't apply to them or is something that has been done before many other times.
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    Check out what the 2nd grade Common core standards address. Start there. I would give him more higher level comprehension work in reading. Maybe set him up with a couple 2nd graders and have a book club. Discuss character traits and motivations (whatever is expected on the Common Core for that grade). If dolch words are mastered, maybe move him up to more word study. Studying words patterns and more vocabulary content based words.

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