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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Hiyateacher, Feb 6, 2020.

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    Has anyone ever had to deal with a colleague who is intense and seems to steamroll you all the time? I am a teacher that shares a classroom with another teacher. She is younger than me and only in her second year. We teach students in a certain program. I have them for three periods a day, she only see's them once. I originally gave her some space in the room such as setting up the table and student computer as her "desk" so that she would also have some space in the room and be seen as an equal authority. That worked out fine last year, but this year, she actually moved a full teacher desk into the classroom. The only problem is, she now uses that instead of her designated office space in another part of the building. She'll be in there when I am teaching and she is on planning...I do the same thing because it's vice versa when she is teaching in there, however, unlike her, I do not have another designated space in the building and I need to access files and things in my room in order to do my paperwork.

    She also has a way of getting in the middle of everything and will steamroll me and interrupt me/intervene with a student when I am dealing with them. She also starts encroaching on my content area sometimes and will begin teaching things that I teach them. I am a firm believer in cross-content/cross-disciplinary teaching, but it feels like she steps on my toes. She also does not always tell me when things are going on with students. I try to communicate with her when I see things going on with our students and let her know what I plan on teaching. She does not always reciprocate. We have different teaching styles and personalities which is fine because I think it's important to expose students to different styles and personalities, however, she is much more intense than I am.

    The school I teach at also tends to be very cliquey. Part of the reason why I requested transfer into this program was to get away from the cliquish behavior and backstabbing and drama that tends to go on in my school. This person is in a lot of the cliques I try to avoid and sometimes it gets under my skin how un-inclusive she is.

    I have tried gently bringing up some of this with her and most of the time, I think she gets the message and will try to be more self-conscious. But lately she doesn't seem to care and get's agitated when I bring things up. I am not someone who enjoys conflict and I am not very confrontational. I truly do believe that this person means well and I chalk some of it up to her being young and not knowing any better. I try to assume the best in people. I just don't know if this is healthy and if it will only get worse next school year.

    Any thoughts? Am I alone in dealing with someone like this? Any advice would be appreciated!
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    No, you are not alone. It sounds like you are doing the best you can and being pretty kind about things. Unfortunately, some people mistake kindness for weakness. 1yr I had to share a room with 2 other teachers. ( long story)
    I hate being around drama and backstabbing too. 1 of the 2 women was very pushy. It got so bad that 1 day she started screaming like a crazy woman at the other teacher. I couldn't believe the way she acted.
    Anyways, I got myself out of room sharing asap the next yr. Is there anyway you can think of to get her back into her office? I don't like conflict either. I always had a strong feeling that I needed to deal with problems myself and not involve or bother the office.
    Looking back on my career, I know there were things that I maybe should have "problem solved" more w/ admin.
    First, you may want to let her know you need the space back for some reason. Maybe think of a special center that needs to be there. If she doesn't have enough space, she might go back to her office. If that doesn't work, are you on friendly terms w/ any admin who could help?

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