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Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by giraffe326, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Jul 26, 2007

    Is there any 5th grade "must haves"? Anything overrated that I should avoid? Games, charts, posters, etc... I am used to lower el, so 5th grade will be much different! And, I love shopping, but I don't want to buy a whole bunch of stuff that isn't very good!
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    Jul 26, 2007

    I LOVE shopping too and have had the hardest time not buying things. I'm coming from kinder and so I'm in the same boat. I asked the fifth grade teachers at my school things that I should order with my school budget. These are some of the things they mentioned:

    graph paper
    colored pencils
    white board markers
    hole punch
    electric sharpener
    flash cards
    I also bought books from Scholastic
    post its

    These are some other stuff I bought from Staples and Target
    I bought about 210 colored pocket folders in 7 colors
    pencil sharpeners for my student store
    Pencil case for my student store
    $1 pocket charts from Target
    pencil boxes
    birthday bag
    birthday certificates
    sparkly pencils and pens for student store
    fun smelly erasures for student store
    Bingo games
    flash cards (space, president, states)
    directors chair (my one big splurge)
  4. giraffe326

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    Jul 26, 2007

    I very much hope my new room has LOTS of bulletin boards! I LOVE to decorate! My manager at my current job will seriously be missing me come mid November!!!
    I have already bought tons of stuff from Dollar Tree, but it is all lower el. So, I guess I get to go back! I also have a $50 gift certificate to my local teacher store. I have been hording it for over a year cuz I didn't know what grade level to buy stuff for!
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    Aug 13, 2007

    For games, I bought Mancala (the kids love it...I have about 3 and am looking for more), CountDown (math game...basic math skills review), Chess, BattleShip (coordinate grids), and decks of cards for math games (I have enough decks for each group of 2...Dollar Tree buy). I look for my games at garage sales as well as 1/2 priced bookstore in their game section.
    As for posters...I'm notorious for buying them and then realizing they won't meet my needs. So, I look in all the teacher catalogs and look at what they have and "tweak" it to meet my needs (mostly size of print being the biggest issue; that and glare from the lights). The biggest thing to be careful of with posters is that it teaches what you want it to and that it is visible to all students wherever you put it.

    I am a cardstock junkie!!! I will use that any day over plain colored paper. I have a lot of make-and-take style games that we use in every subject. I have my students cut them out and then they are good for many years. My coworkers know that THATs my weakness (I'm so lame, I know).

    As for books for the class library, I go with the classics that are on the Newberry list, as well as I watch what my kids are reading, especially my boys. Last year, I bought about 50 books on wars for my history buffs and dragons (fiction/nonfiction) for the others. I got these through the Scholastic book orders. I look for deals all the time with that mag. Order during the Sept. issue and get $20 free plus coupons worth $10 each month after. I use my bonus points to build up my library.

    And for supplies, I buy a few extra boxes of pencils, red pens, glue sticks, and manilla folders (I make these into Test Houses by glueing 2 together). Also, a heavy duty pencil sharpener. I have 2 in my class as well as mini-manual ones at each groups basket. I would also recommend baskets, cheap ones from Dollar Tree/General. These come in great when organizing book studies, materials for games, or materials for a science experiments, as well as one on each groups desk for quick-access supplies.

    Hope this helps!!!

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