What strategies are teachers using to motivate online learning?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by swansong1, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Now that many teachers around the country have begun distance education, have you found any unique strategies that you can share that are getting your students to complete necessary work?
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    Yes! I doubt if they are unique, but might be helpful to some!
    Spend the 1st couple of days letting the kids tell you what they have been doing and how they are doing on Zoom or any other way you use to communicate. You can tie a writing and art assignment with this.
    They can send it back to you via email, photo, attachment, google doc ( on your platform), or however works for them. ( Other than a hard copy.) They could read what they wrote during a session if there is no other way.
    Motivate the students by letting them know this is a special opportunity in history for them to learn this way. Do everything in in small increments. It leaves them wanting more. Also, it gives them time to explore whatever platform you are using. This is so important w/ kids who are K-6. I think this is really important before launching into actual teaching of standards.
    Celebrate, acknowledge successes! This is new to all of us. I let the kids know I am learning too. Give them time and encourage questions. Encourage reflection on what their interests are and design assignments as much as possible around their interests. Like if you need to teach any type of research, let their interest lead the way.
    This week, I have done more of this than anything related to standards. That's creeping up on them...haha
    Give feedback as quickly as possible. It encourages them to keep at it. If you are assigning an online site like Khan Academy or IXL, let them know you check their progress daily. Tell their parents asap if they are goofing around on it!
    Before you attempt to do this, contact parents to find a time that will work for them. You may not be able to group the kids the way you want exactly. However, if you want to get them into it, you have to have a time that works. A little time is better than none.
    Also, I have got to constantly remind myself this is not going to be perfect and to accept it. I need to learn when to turn off my phone and devices. It has been really stressful to me because I am used to leaving work and I am not leaving home.
    Today is the 1st breather I have taken. I'd advise everyone to schedule breaks. Complete a task and do something fun! I am trying to take my own advice on that next week! :) Good luck to all! Remember: Rome was not built in a day!
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