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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by K-5_teacherguy, Dec 21, 2014.

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    Dec 21, 2014

    I had an interview with a principal for a LTS position the week after my student teaching ended in November. It was fairly obvious by the end that because I didn't have my license in hand yet, he was going to choose someone else. However, it was a strange interview. For one thing, it was spur of the moment (for him and for myself). I had a screening interview with the HR director, and he liked me so he immediately sent me on to this principal (after calling him to make sure he had time) for another interview. He was nice, and the first few minutes of the interview pretty much just consisted of us chatting. Eventually he printed out some interview questions and started asking me a few. However, it kind of seemed like he wasn't listening to my answers.

    At one point, he opened small pack of cookies and was chewing/burping as I was speaking. Then he just stopped asking questions, and again just started chatting with me about the different ways I can network myself to get a job as a new teacher (he actually provided some good advice here). During the course of the interview, he said two or three times "I don't see anything about you that makes me NOT want to hire you." What does this mean? Is it some kind of backhanded compliment, and what he really means is "But I don't see a reason TO hire you, either", or am I overthinking?

    Finally, he did tell me to be sure to call him once I was officially licensed. Based on that, I thought he liked me and would be willing to consider me for future positions, but is there a chance he was just trying to be nice? I do plan on calling him after holiday break, but it was just kind or a strange experience and I'm not sure what to make of his comments.
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    Sounds like the P already had someone else in mind for the LTS and interviewed you as a favor. Seems as if he liked you, so be sure o follow up when your certification comes through...(the cookie thing is weird!:dizzy:)
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    Ok, the cookie thing is just unprofessional. Other than that, he seemed really disinterested. It sounds like he interviewed you just to give you a chance and had a little downtime on his hands. He seems to like you, though he is awkward with words. Personally I wouldn't want to work with him based on the cookie thing and burping alone (who does that?), but if it came down to that job and no job, I'd pick that job. :unsure: Follow up when you get certified.

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