What is it like in Kindergarten?

Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by bella84, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Despite all that I said a few months ago, I've decided not to get out of teaching... at least not yet. That said, I have decided to relocate (again) back home, and I'm searching for what I hope will be a long-term position. I'm taking my time trying to find a good fit rather than jumping at just any opening I see.

    I went to a job fair a few weekends ago, and I've received a couple bites on my resume. Today, I had an unexpected, on-the-spot phone interview during my lunch period. It wasn't until about 15 minutes in that the woman I spoke with told me that the position was for kindergarten - senior kindergarten, more specifically. To this point, I've really only been applying for 1st-4th, with 2nd and 3rd being my top choices. I had a good conversation with this woman though, and the school seems intriguing. It's an independent, private school in a generally wealthy area. 20% of students receive scholarships, but the rest have parents who pay $16-18K to send them there annually. Each class has roughly 20 students and TWO teachers who share responsibilities equally... So, while I've been leery of K in the past, it seems like this is as good of a place to try out K as any.

    So, I accepted her offer to visit the school, meet with some staff and administrators, and do a 20-minute demo lesson. Now, I am trying to decide if K is really something that I can hack. While I'm ECE certified, I'm really not into singing and crafts... and I know most K classes don't do those things anymore, at least not as often as in the past... which brings me to my main question: What should I expect if I continue to further pursue this opportunity? I've taught 2nd and 3rd, and I've worked with K students in sped resource... but what is a whole K class like?


    Also, if you have any suggestions for a demo lesson, I'll take those, too. Thanks!

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