What does an unemployed teacher do?

Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by monniec14, Jun 9, 2016.

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    Jun 9, 2016

    So I've been actively pursuing being a teacher for almost two years now. I've applied for teaching positions, teaching assistant positions, heck even office positions. Every single day. I don't think it's going to happen, as the area I live in is super super beyond belief political about who they hire and the fact that there are so many teachers. I want to give up the search. I can't be a substitute teacher and be a cashier for the rest of my life! So, how does someone like me push through the wall of not being able to find a teaching job?
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    Jun 10, 2016

    Are you willing to relocate? That's what I had to do in order to get my first job.
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    Jun 10, 2016

    Is there only one district near you? I'm in the same boat and subbed for sort of 2 years (last year I was only technically a sub, but I ended up doing a full time internship/leadership program at my church so I only subbed one half day the whole year), but as soon as I applied in a different district than the one I live in I started getting calls for interviews -- one call was the day after I applied.
    Check if you're allowed to reach out to principals - hand-delivering a resume and cover letter may help you get a foot in the door. Reach out to teachers and principals in schools you've subbed in. And if there are other districts nearby, even if they're not as desirable, apply in those - you may have more luck in another district.
    Or try Catholic, Christian, or other private/charter schools if you're up for that.
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    Jun 10, 2016

    Keep pushing, and widen your horizons. I realized I wasn't pushing quite as hard as I could a couple years back, and wasn't searching into some of the behemoth school districts in the state. Once I applied to those, I ended up getting a job pretty quickly, and here I am! It required a couple hour move, and a month away from my wife, but we made it through and are better for it.
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    Jun 15, 2016

    If you are getting interviews, then your cover letter and resume are probably fine. If you are interviewing, but not getting called back, your interviewing skills might could use some bolstering. There are resources that can help you gain confidence, pinpoint weak answers, and provide guidance in showing the right amount of self confidence. Just a couple of thoughts. I agree that relocating may be an excellent option if feasible. You might try volunteering in programs with ELLs, underserved populations, or even consider jobs within the criminal justice system. These are the kind of things that can be real conversation starters, as they show out of the box thinking. If possible, you might try adding relatively inexpensive PD, I like PBS Teacherline courses, which shows you are still trying to grow as an educator, and you can pick up a few graduate credits, and acquire new skill sets even though you are not being "forced" to accumulate PD. Many of these things can be worked into the interview conversations, making you more memorable.

    If you aren't getting interviews, you may want to improve your cover letter and resume. I make no excuses about the fact that I pay to have mine done, but the members on this forum will be happy to critique and help if you want to do it yourself, providing help and guidance. Best of luck.
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    Take a day off, get your hair did, dress like you would if you were a teacher at that school, and visit all schools you would be interested in teaching. Take a resume, say "Hi, I'm ______. I'm just a sub teacher in the area, and I'm just going around today saying "Hi!" and visiting schools in the area, etc. Looking for a job for next year. Can I leave my resume, etc." At the very least, you will meet the office manager--which won't be a bad thing. You may be able to meet a teacher... You may be able to meet the Principal.
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    Jun 18, 2016

    Where does this " get your___ did" come from? My friend says that, and it drives me nuts. She gets her hair did, got her nails did, etc. No you got them DONE. Ugh!

    Grammar rant over.
    Are you willing to substitute? I did that for two years while I was trying to break into a new district. I was mostly called for daily work, but I also was hired for a LT sub job. I think that is eventually what helped me get hired. Because I had been in so many buildings, some of them frequently, the Ps and teachers knew who I was when they saw me sitting across from them in the interview. The fact that I had been hired to do a long term looked good as well.

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