What do you think of the sci fi revival we are having right now?

Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by CaptainSheridan9316, Dec 29, 2019.

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    After BSG ended in 2009 things looked bleak for the space sci fi genre on TV and by 2013 I never thought TV space sci fi would ever come back to television. Then in 2015 The Expanse came on and then The Orville and Star Trek Discovery. We are also getting a new Battlestar Galactica and Amazon will make a series based on The Culture novels by Iain M. Banks. Star Trek is exploding! We are getting animated series and a series based on Picard.

    All we need for this revival to be complete is for the Mass Effect universe to be brought to the small screen and that we have a space sci fi series as big as Game of Thrones.

    Why have people lost interest in space in the 2009-14 time period? Was it the BSG and Mass Effect endings? I heard hardcore fans were not very happy about the endings to them.
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    I have always been a sci-fi fan. I own the classic British UFO series and Star Trek TOS. I like how I can insert a disc and get treated to a short story starring the main characters I am familiar with. I can find an episode of Star Trek TNG, Buck Rogers, Lost in Space, The Twilight Zone, and enjoy it without feeling lost in the "big story". In my time, an episode that left you with "to be continued" was special.

    Todays shows require you to be an addict and keep up on week-to-week details. I do not have that dedication. I lost interest in BSG, Star Trek Enterprise, and Walking Dead. I like my shows to be a relationship like "friends with benefits" and not co-habitators looking for someone to shack up with :)
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