What do you think about TAP?

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    What do you think about Peer reviews?

    My school just started implementing TAP (System for Teacher Advancement). I'm just curious what others think of this system and if there are other people using it. If you are unfamiliar with it, the system has a weekly 1-hour meeting with a Master Teacher. The Master Teacher is paid to work only with the teachers not the students. There are also Mentor Teachers. These Mentor Teachers conduct observations and are released from their classrooms for a certain amount of time every week.

    The evaluations are done by either the Master Teacher, Mentor Teachers, or Principal. There are two planned visits with pre-conferences and post-conferences and two unannounced visits. The evaluations are based on the TAP rubric. 1 is unsatisfactory, 3 is proficient, and 5 is excellent. The true TAP model also offers teachers additional compensation however, our school is not implementing that part.

    I just want to hear what other teachers think of this system.

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