What do YOU remember about kindergarten?

Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by DrivingPigeon, Aug 11, 2010.

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    It's amazing (I'm33) how much I remember from that year. I went to a very small school with around less thann 100 students. It is still in the disctrict and whenever there are budget cuts, they talk of shutting it down. It was just a (k-2).

    When my daughter was getting ready to start kindergarten (we live in the same distrcit), we toured that school. I really wanted her to go their, but we couldn't work out transportation. We woul dahve had to drive her back and fourth each day.

    I knew from tht point on that I wanted to be a teacher.:

    The one thing that I'm noticing with all these post, and I am old (33), so times have changed. Most kindergarten is half day. In most cases kids went home, or to a grandparents or something. I stayed with my dad for kindergarten, and then got off the bus at my grandparents house. I always spent vacations and summers there.

    What did working parents do back in the 70's-80's before afterschool programs became big.
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    I remember my teacher was black and BEAUTIFUL (I'm white, for the record). I was totally, completely enamored with her - her skin was like chocolate silk and I remember always wanting to touch her, which I'm sure she loved. :)
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    We had 15 kids in my Kindergarten class and every one of the mom's picked up the kids for half day Kindergarten. They did have full day Kindergarten with another 15 kids so I guess those kids had moms that worked.
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    I always wanted to play with the wooden blocks. I was the only girl who did; all the others wanted to play in the kitchen. One day I realized this and thought maybe I should go play in the kitchen. I hung around for about 5 minutes, lost interest, decided those girls were crazy, and went back to the blocks.

    I remember learning See Saw Marjorie Daw and the song about the Grandfather Clock, which fascinated and creeped me out. ("And it stopped, short, never to go again when the old man died.")

    I remember the thick, red pencils and realizing I liked the way they smelled. And the yellow ducky on my cubby, and my pink fuzzy bathmat which was my napping mat. I guess I remember a lot! (and hp123, if you are old at 33, I guess I'm ancient at 48!)
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    Ahhh, Kindergarten. I remember my teacher was Mrs. Watten. She was the most awesome teacher ever! I remember each morning during circle time we would exercise and dance to Michael Jackson. (This was back when MJ was still popular before all the scandal)
    Mrs. Watten would wear those denim jumper outfits often and she had endless energy. One day she read a little book you may have heard of called If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and that set off my love and reading and wanting to be a teacher.
    We used to sing this silly song in the mornings called Names. It went like this; Names names we each have one Nancy, Nathan, Norman, NONE!?
    The students and parents adored her. I tried to find her a few years ago while I was in college and found out she no longer teaches. :( I would love to find a way to get in contact with her if I could.
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    I remember stringing beads...those big wooden beads....
    I remember standing outside waiting for our parents when up on the hillside there was an explosion...someone's chimeny blew up..we watched the fire trucks race up there.
    I remember being best friends with Abby and Shelley.

    I ran into my teacher about 10 years later and was astonished that she remembered my name....then I remembered that I was the only Asian student she had....
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    I remember quite a bit about Kindergarten and it was over 30 years ago for me! lol
    -the way the room looked
    -the class pets
    -where i sat
    -taste testing
    -clean plate club (what a terrible idea that is! lol) aka make me fat club
    - THE LETTER PEOPLE!!!!! Miss A books and such...I kept most of them = )
    - making collages out of magazine pics for the letter of the week
    - sharing
    - story time
    - recess
    - my teacher whom I loved and wanted to be like
    - math manipulatives
    - losing teeth


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