What do you do if there is no sub?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by tchr4vr, Feb 25, 2019.

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    We have about 4 substitutes at my school. One of them is covering a maternity leave since the long term sub was fired.

    Teachers at my school have a prep period and a common planning every day. If there are a lot of teachers out, they have a teacher cover during their prep or common planning. If you cover during prep, you take your prep during your common planning, so you never skip your prep. The contract changed a bit this year and they aren't supposed to pull teachers to cover as much. I've had to cover about 10 times this year.
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    And if you’re a certified teacher but you’re working as a paraprofessional you are like gold to them. The principal has no problem pulling you out of lunch and asking you to cover a classroom for a measly extra $32. They can’t give you the whole hundred dollars per day because that would be double dipping, or so they say. I told them I refuse to do that again because if you work as a teacher they have to take money out of your check for the teachers’ retirement system. I purposely only wanted to work as an aide because I didn’t want to get back into the teachers’ retirement system. I am trying to retire and my state will not allow you to pull Social Security if you worked even an hour as a teacher.
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    It's illegal in my state to leave a class unattended. Paras are not suppose to sub because they do not have a credential. If no sub comes a teacher on prep goes into the class and calls the principals secretary to let her know. She emails out asking for a teacher to volunteer to teach the class and get paid. If there are no teachers available a principal has to do it.
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    Yes exactly, even happened with me too
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