What do I teach about energy?

Discussion in 'First Grade' started by sherri0318, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Nov 23, 2007

    I'm a new teacher, 1st grade, and I'm completely overwhelmed with exactly WHAT I'm supposed to teach about energy. Is it that food makes us go, gas makes cars go, etc. (after that, what else is there anyway???) or is it that there's 4 types of energy: wind, solar, water and fuel (from coal)?

    Also, I really need some idea how to go about teaching it, and what activity to do with them....

    Thanks so much for any help!!!

    Lost and Confused in 1st Grade.....
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    Nov 23, 2007

    I would check your state standards and then maybe check this site for lesson plan ideas.
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    Nov 24, 2007

    Food and gasoline are kinds of fuel: they give us energy.

    Some types of energy:

    Mechanical (pushing and pulling - wind (which pushes the blades of a wind turbine) and water (which can push a water mill) are types of mechanical energy

    Solar - can be heat energy that evaporates puddles, or can be light energy that plants use to do photosynthesis

    Thermal energy - heat energy, produced by the sun's heat (as on the air in car where the windows are closed) or by burning fuel (a fireplace or a power plant that burns coal or oil to make electricity)

    Electrical energy - electrons flowing along a conductor

    Nuclear energy - energy produced by splitting up a big atom to make littler ones (fission) or by smashing together smaller atoms to make bigger ones (fusion, and what's happening in the sun)

    Thing is, energy can be used to make energy, very non-technically speaking: we burn coal that heats water (thermal energy) that makes steam that pushes a magnet inside a coil of wire that produces a current (electrical energy).
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    Your first grade standards

    Demonstrate how sound is made in a variety of ways, volume of sound, determine if light is transmitted or reflected, heat being released, types of energy that make things work (gasoline/car)

    2nd grade standards

    pitch, items that vibrate to produce sound, change the direction of light, describe how light behaves when it strikes something, static electricity, sources of energy.

    I like to look at the grade at least above me so I better understand what exactly they need to know.

    Here are some websites with ideas.





    I also try to always incorporate a book about each new subject. You might try researching science picture books.


    That is what I use with my class. I made up a packet and they have all kinds of experiments to complete with the book.


    That is a good book full of different levels of each topic that you can choose.

    Good luck! There are a lot of resources out there! Some of the best resources are always the teachers that are right next to you! I would have been lost last year if it were not for them!

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