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    HELP! I need ideas for my welcome packet as soon as possible. Thank you for your help in advance! You can also pm me. I would like to see real examples if possible.
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    Think of everything you would like your parents to know- discipline, homework, curriculum, birthdays, snacks, parent visits, school supplies, and anything that is special to your class. I think it is better to give as much information as possible about how your class runs on a daily basis so when you talk to parents, you can focus on the child's progress rather than having to spend twenty minutes explaining to the parents that little Billy can't bring a pin the tail on the donkey game and a piñata to school on his birthday. (Yes, that is a true example!)
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    September 2, 2008

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    I would like to introduce myself as your child’s sixth grade teacher at Lower Lake Elementary School. Your child will find that I have a love of learning and my goal is to impart that sense of wonder in your child. I am looking forward to a productive and happy school year.

    Our classroom rules are to be safe, responsible, and respectful. My classroom management consists of several strategies to keep students engaged and on task. Students are responsible for their own behavior and will experience the natural consequences of their decisions. We will work together as a classroom community to support each other. We will have high expectations of ourselves and others and model that behavior to benefit the other students at our school.

    On September 16, we will have Back to School Night. Please attend! We have so much to discuss- my expectations, our class field trip, fundraising, and sixth grade promotion.

    The best way that we can ensure the success of your child is to work together and communicate often. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems please contact me.

    School: 994-5787 extension 2628
    Email: RMcFarland@llelem.lake.k12.ca.us

    I look forward to meeting you at Back to School night.


    Rachel McFarland

    Behavior Plan


    Some positive incentives for following the classroom expectations are listed below. We are not limited to this list and as a class we will develop more incentives that are meaningful to the students at our class meetings.

    Leopard Paws
    Free Time
    Student of the Month Awards
    Nature Hikes


    If a student is having a hard time following the classroom expectations, the following steps will be taken. It is my intention to help students be successful and fit into the instructional program. On any given day, the following steps may be taken.

    1. A warning will be given.
    2. The student will be asked to fill out a problem solving worksheet and conference with the teacher.
    3. The student will lose ten minutes of free time and be asked to take home the problem solving worksheet for a parent/guardian signature.
    4. Student will lose the priviledge of being in the room for the day and will be placed in another classroom for the day.
    5. Student will be sent to the office. Any violent behavior will result in automatic referral to the office.

    Homework Policy

    Developing good study habits and a sense of responsibility is an essential part of being successful at school. A positive working relationship between student, parent and teacher is very important to provide your child with a quality education. Homework is also a valuable tool because it helps me assess your child’s understanding of concepts.

    I will provide your child with a student homework planner. Your child will record his or her homework every day. Every student will be responsible to use and bring their planner to and from school each day. Please sign your child’s homework planner in the space provided each week.

    Homework Expectations

    Students will have spelling, math and reading homework every night, Monday through Thursday. Social studies and Science homework will be assigned when needed. Students should wear appropriate clothing and footwear to participate in P.E. every day.

    Please provide a regular time and place for your child to do homework. If you need any materials to aid your child with his or her homework, please do not hesitate to ask me. Please look over your child’s homework before he or she brings it to school. Your support greatly helps your child’s education.

    Behavior Agreement

    Student Agreement
    I, ___________________, agree to be safe, responsible, and respectful while at school.
    Safe means keeping my hands and feet to myself.
    Responsible means coming to class on time, prepared to learn, with the proper materials, doing my best assignments and cleaning up after myself.
    Respectful means teating others as I want to be treated, with kindness, politeness, and honesty.

    ______________________________ _________________
    Student Signature Date

    Parent/ Guardian Agreement
    I, ____________________, have read and understand the above classroom expectations. I have discussed these norms with my child and agree to help him or her to follow these rules.

    ______________________________ ___________________
    Parent/ Guardian Signature Date

    Homework Agreement

    I have read and understand the homework expectations. I am aware that my child will have daily homework assignment. My child will be responsible for turning in quality work on time. My child will also be responsible for all textbooks assigned to him or her.

    Parent/Guardian Signature

    School Textbooks

    In the past several years, Konocti Unified School District has purchased several new academic programs that require students to use textbooks. Textbooks are expensive (each book costs about $50) and students need to take very good care of them. Please do not allow students to write in textbooks. These books need to last a long time.

    Your child, __________________, has been issued the following textbooks:

    Houghton Mifflin Reading ___________________________

    McDougal Littel Math ______________________________

    Harcourt Social Studies _____________________________

    Macmillian/ McGraw- Hill Science ____________________

    Each textbook has been numbered in order to keep track of that particular book. Your child is required to turn in the exact same book at the end of the year, or when your child leaves Lower Lake Elementary School (i.e. moves, transfers, etc.) otherwise he or she will be billed for the book. It is extremely important that students be responsible for their books and other study materials, not only for cost purposes, but also to build good study habits.

    I understand that my child is resonsible for the above textbooks.

    Parent/Guardian Signature

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