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    This year I am teaching 6th grade. I am also teaching the strategic class this year and was wondering how to get through the weekly Unit readings this year. My class this year is very low and does not include any Benchmark students. Wondering if there are any teachers who would be willing to give me some ideas on how they have the students read and or strategies to get through the weekly stories when many of my students struggle reading. We are in the process of starting a new intervention program for these students but I was instructed to teach the core until we being which has been undetermined at this time.

    Last year I taught 4th and half of my class struggled until I brought in tons of Goosebumps books and other stories to help increase their fluency. They loved these stories and were flying off the shelves. By the end of the year they had improved and were reading the stories without struggling so much. I have such a hard time with these as my Advance and Proficient didn't seem to struggle but had to wait for my low students to get through the readings and it took us a long time to finish and move on to the next days story. Btw, I should also mention that I am teaching Treasures

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