Week 5 of standardized testing, two left to go

Discussion in 'General Education' started by wldywall, May 28, 2015.

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    May 28, 2015

    Yeah you heard me right, I have been doing standardized testing for five weeks straight, (the school as a whole, SEVEN). As a whole every single student has done at least one high stakes standardized test per week during that time, most have done two or more.


    There are some SPED students I haven seen in weeks! I am out of compliance, but testing is more important. Some of my students are not hitting their goals, and the classroom teachers are yelling at me saying I should have done more and MADE them.

    Like what, illegally read the reading test to them? Or maybe do the math problems for them?

    How am I supposed to keep a kid from guessing if he/she is BURNT OUT?

    I haven had the mentor teacher from hell yell at me in the all yesterday about my testing schedule, telling me one of my students is a disaster and cant be trusted to test with others.....ummm, the student and her class hear this teacher say that. THEY HEARD HER...I have other teachers complaining about when I pull and I am to drop everything and do it on their timetable, forgetting the fact I submit my schedule in advance to my boss. That I have case load of 15 and one kid takes 4 hours per test.....

    It can't be this bad elsewhere .... right?

    What I want to know is why do the parents put up with this? Their small child is crying in school or throwing up from stress, and it is okay?
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    May 28, 2015

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    Your right, definatley not like this in California. Our standardized test is 3 days for math and like 3 days for ELA. So basically 2 weeks.

    Those parents are probably the ones putting the stress on those kids? or do you think it is the teachers?
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    May 28, 2015

    Holy smokes! This makes my state's testing look easy. One session for language, one session for math, and some grades do one session for science and then they're done.

    Some things you gotta bless and release. This is beyond your control. You have zero control over mandated testing, you have zero control over student burn out situations, and you have zero control over the other teacher's reactions.

    Do you have a union you could contact? The impact on testing on SPED students, especially when you are out of compliance is something the union, I'm sure, would love to know about. Also, do the kids' IEPs have multiple or extended breaks written into them? I know my resource teacher comes every 30 minutes or so and takes the kids on walks around the school.

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