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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by teacherhoosier, Apr 17, 2011.

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    well, I have about 15-20 min. to kill, so what better time to do it than to get on here! my cousin is getting married on the 30th..his rehearsal is today (doing a reading for the wedding, so I have to go)..he is marrying a woman who has been married 3 times, she also has a 8 yr old son. This caused some friction in my family at first with the amount of marriages (especially with my aunt, his mom), but she has accepted that is going to be what it is..

    Well, anyway, back to the main point of my post..for someone who has been married 3 times, she has no clue on how wedding planning works. She didn't know what a wedding shower was and was late to it. They're having their reception at a country club, but get this, they're serving pizza-not pizza, salad, and breadsticks, just pizza..that's kind of insulting to guests who come and give them a nice gift..I know their budget is tight, but if they can afford to have it at the country club, they can afford to give their guests a decent meal...the wedding is an Old Hollywood theme, and the dress my cousin has to wear as a bridesmaid looks like a 80s prom dress...

    and here's the absolute kicker..they are actually already married-they got married by a JP on Christmas Eve..only his sister and me if my aunt ever found out, she would hit the wall...

    Am I right in feeling a little concerned about this whole event? I only want what is best for my cousin (I'm an only child, and we we're only a year apart, so we grew up very close, and him and his sister are more like siblings to me), and if she makes him happy, I am glad.

    I don't dislike her (she's had a hard life, and hasn't had the family support my cousin and I had), and I've said nothing or done nothing for them to think that I won't support them. However, something just doesn't sit right with me...
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    Let it go. They are already married. Be there for your cousin when he needs you, but don't alienate him by speaking badly of his new wife.

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