Ways to "Streamline" Kindergarten?

Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by lpbytp, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Sep 19, 2011

    I feel like I am spending WAY too much time planning/prepping for my class, but still not accomplishing enough. I am a brand new teacher, and work for a half day, am paid hourly, but am literally spending every waking hour thinking about Kindergarten - and not sleeping at night because I can't stop obsessing! Did anyone else experience this when you first started out? Are there ways you have "streamlined" your Kindergarten class? I would love to hear some advice about things you've done that made your life easier/less stressful.

    I feel guilty that I have pulled away so much from family and friends due to my career switch, but also feel guilty that my Kindergarteners don't have the benefit of an experienced teacher. I am still struggling to balance several things: pushover vs. too strict, too much classwork vs. too much playtime, always encouraging mature behavior vs. showing a silly side. I think I tend a bit more toward the former than the latter on most of those.

    I know this is an extremely open-ended question, but any thoughts?

    Also, I am in the process of ordering supplies through the school's budget. Anything you'd recommend getting? Things you just couldn't live without? Again, I'm especially interested in things that help to "streamline" procedures and maximize time for education and playtime.

    Thanks in advance!! :)
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    You need to set up a routine. For example, we teach 2 letters each week, so I always know that I will:

    Monday - Introduce letter 1, look at the letter, discuss features, make the sound/hand motion, read letter book, watch letter video clip (under 2 minutes), make a chart with words that start with that letter (kids suggestions)
    Tuesday- repeat the procedure with letter 2 and review letter 1 with the chart
    Wednesday - review with the charts and use picture cards to sort words that start with each of the letters and possibly previously learned letters
    Thursday - shared reading or writing related to the letters learned
    Friday - picture/letter sort - the kids color/cut/sort pictures of the letters and pictures of words that start with each letter on a sorting page
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    You are not alone!! It will get better but there is always more you can do, plan, learn, etc. in teaching. That's the beauty and the curse of it.

    I would agree to set up a routine and structure for how you plan and cover your curriculum. It should help. Your team members should be able to clue you in, but remember to do what works for you. Good luck!

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