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    Hi all!

    I haven't been on for awhile but have been on and off of this board for years as it has been very helpful to me. I am currently living in the southeast and facing an upcoming move to Washington State for next school year. I've moved around enough up and down the east coast but am completely unfamiliar with the west coast... I am looking for some insight to the job market please! We will be moving near Fort Lewis, the Olympia/ Tacoma areas are possibilities. I have a really good job now that I am disappointed to have to leave, I already know I will be taking a pay cut, but I am hoping that at least the outlook of employment is positive! Any info would be much appreciated! I am certified K-6 and ESL K-12. Thank you!!!
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    I know a family living in WA near Seattle and they said they have a huge teacher shortage due to how many young families are moving to WA.
    For example, her kids' elementary school is supposed to house about 400 children, but they have around 900 due to lack of teachers/classrooms available
    Not sure about Olympia/Tacoma areas though

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