Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!

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    I haven't seen the movie version, but when I was a kid, I was fascinated watching Lost in Space. In most episodes, young Will Robinson, his sister Penny, and the robot (named Robot) would walk around exploring the planet they had landed on. And as they would round the corner, Robot would suddenly announce, "Warning! Danger!"

    Well, we're now living in the space age, at least more than we were when I was a kid. Perhaps we need a robot to warn kids and parents of a lurking hidden danger that is currently being ignored. I read once again that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. I began to ponder, how many basic life skills are not being practiced on a daily basis, overcrowded by other modern activities and life situations. Basic skills such as sitting still and quiet at appropriate times, speaking softly and politely, not reacting vehemently after a disturbance but rather constructively working to resolve the disruption, searching for empathetic ways to help others, and many other basic skills that are crowded out by TV and computers. Basic skills such as navigating across a street: some kids do not know how to look both ways. Other basic skills such as reading--a few minutes in school won't cut it! Basic skills such as waiting rather than instantly reacting impulsively. Even basic skills such as a bedtime and wake up time. My thoughts--perhaps this is a factor to explain what we see in the classroom.

    Perhaps Google or Amazon need their assistive devices to announce, "OK. Time to read. Time for bed. Wait till later. Be polite, now...." (Come to think of it, isn't that what my parents would say to me, even without a robot).
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