Wanting to get my batchelors and TEACh

Discussion in 'General Education' started by jen6544, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Jul 31, 2019

    Hi all!!! I’m wanting to get my batchelor’s degree to teach . I’m super excited about this , but am super anxious about getting grants . I’d much rather get those then get aid or student loans. First question does anyone know of a grant that I can stop working and go to school full time and they’ll pay me? Next question is if I do go part time which is most likely what I’m gonna have to do how long does it usually take to get my degree and what are the other steps to becoming a teacher like tests and student teaching ? I live in Georgia. Ty for all the help! I’m 34 and really want to be a teacher have I waited too long?
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    How long it will take will depend entirely on how many credits you can take at any one time. If you take 6 credits a semester (two classes), it will take you about 8-10 years (assuming you start with 0 credits). The more credits you take, or the more credits you already have, the quicker it will go. If you're able to go full time, it will take you about four years. You might consider trying to take a few CLEP tests to get rid of a few general education classes.

    As far as grants go... I wouldn't hold out much hope. There are a couple, but they are going to be pretty negligible, and will generally come with pretty stringent requirements to avoid paying them back. You might be better off trying to just pay out of pocket. It won't be cheap, and you'll probably have to keep working, but you'll be better long term, especially if you're looking at an in-state public school.

    As far as student teaching goes, it will be your last semester, whenever that ends up being for you. You'll essentially be an unpaid teacher for a semester. For tests, I don't know what Georgia requires specifically, but you'll be probably have some sort of a general skills test, a literacy test, a test in your content area, and possibly a teaching skills test. Each will be around $100 or so, but they'll each be one-time expenses, as long as you pass the first time.
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    It’s “bachelor’s” ;)

    Do you have any undergraduate credits already?
    I wouldn’t count on a grant. You may be eligible for some scholarship money. Contact the financial aid department of the collegeyou plan on attending.
    And no, it’s not too late at 34!
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    Georgia's teacher test website is http://gace.ets.org/. All of the assessments are briefly described at http://gace.ets.org/about/assessments, and on that page you'll see a link to eligibility requirements that you'd do well to read first.

    It seems that the Program Admission test is Georgia's basic-skills test and that candidates for teacher licensure may also be expected to pass a test of ethics.

    Whether you'll be required to take the Reading test will probably depend on what you plan to teach: middle- and high-school teachers who teach single subjects generally don't, while elementary teachers reliably do and special education teachers generally do.
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    I didn't finish my teaching certificate until I was 33 and then took another four years to find a full-time position (I moved states during the interim). You're not too old.

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