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    I am a first year teacher, and currently just very unhappy at the district I am at for a variety of reasons- I love my students and most of my staff members, but administration and I do not get along. I also work with close family members, which has obviously caused strains on those relationships. I student taught at the location I’m currently at under the premise or understanding I would be offered a certain job, which did not happen. I was never interviewed, just offered a job, which partially included what I wanted but also has me teaching a subject I didn’t go to school for and isn’t my passion. I accepted this job due to the fact that it was the only one hiring in the area and I was this job or none.

    A position has opened up at a different district and I’m highly intrigued in applying. It’s a pay raise and doesn’t require me teaching a subject I don’t like. The job is for next year, so I wouldn’t be breaking my current contract if I took it. However, I’m really unsure how to go about it. Do or do I not tell my principal I’m interviewing?? My principal just so happens to also be the district superintendent and my school board is very petty. I have a feeling if they get word that I’m applying for other jobs, regardless if I get the job or not, they won’t renew my contact for next year. Which means, I would be out a job with no other options. Help??

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