Wanted to teach in elementary but got placed in high school...

Discussion in 'Student & Preservice Teachers' started by Jammy, Feb 5, 2020.

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    The credential I am pursuing is that of an "Education Specialist" which is for K-12 except most of my program heavily focused on instruction at the elementary level. Leading up to my semester of student teaching I was constantly told by my counselor that the coordinator will work with me on my placement as in finding a school near my home and at the grade level I wanted. A week before student teaching I was informed that since I had done an early fieldwork course with an elementary class my final directed student teaching had to be at the secondary level. I had no choice but to accept the placement so I am now in a resource class that pushes into classes and pulls out students but rarely ever teaches anything. It is a pretty prestigious arts high school so it runs incredibly different than what I am used to. My mentor teacher and the faculty are all great I just feel very bitter at my placement and don't see myself ever being a resource specialist at the high school level so I am worried about being unprepared for the kind of job I actually want which is to be an elementary teacher for a special day class. Anyways I wrote this partly to rant but also to ask if anyone also disliked their student teaching placement because I feel this is unfair and I am trying to not let it bother me...
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    It is a shame you were told you could do something that you could not. That is truly unfair that your advisors did not know this all along. It does make sense that if your degree spans grade levels that your exposure should be at both the elementary and secondary levels. I'm sorry you are so disappointed.

    I know it feels unfair, which it is in a way, but just take in everything you can. Watch what the teachers do and learn. There will be a lot you can learn even from a secondary level.

    If I was hiring an "Educational Specialist" with a K-12 credential, I would actually not be happy to see a resume with no experience at different levels. What this gives you is exposure to the spectrum of education. You see the results of early education in the older students. You see first hand how what you learned from your exposure to elementary can impact what happens later. Use this to your advantage. Change your mindset. This may be a blessing in disguise.
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    When my son did his student teaching, this was exactly what he was told - you have to have exposure to both elementary as well as secondary. Where you end up will be by choice or by what is available when you are looking for jobs. Knowing that you won't have to explain why your training is so one sided in a K-12 endorsement won't be one of your problems you will need to address.
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