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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by breezymarie07, Jul 10, 2014.

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    Hello All,

    I posted back in May about how my position was eliminated and I was on the search again. I had an interview with a great district and had a phone call from the P to call her back for it to only be a rejection (wish she would have left it on the voicemail). The superintendent of my current school told me not to lose hope with the district as a position may open up.

    Well, it didn't. I'd been applying for jobs in the area I currently live since April and applied to about 40. All of a sudden at the end of June I got a call from district wanting to set up an interview! I was so excited. The week of the interview comes (last week in June) and I get calls from THREE more districts wanting to set up interviews!

    I ended up having an interview Wednesday, two on Thursday and then another one the following Tuesday (July 1). Of the four, I was really hoping one would work out and that it would be one of my top district choices (two of the districts are very good).

    District A: About a 30 min drive from where I live, my last choice in district for that reason and I heard some shady things about it.

    District B: About a 20 min drive from where I live, really nice area and district.

    District C: About 15 min from where I live and a decent district.

    District D: My dream district - applied to about 5 jobs there last summer, never got an interview. 15 min from where I live and very nice area. I was floored when I got the email asking me to interview.

    Here is where things got really crazy. Thursday after my interview with District A, I got a call with a job offer from them. It was actually the same school I turned down last summer for my current school (no windows or walls! Not a good fit for me). I turned it down and explained way. It was a different principal and she said she'd pass my information to other administrators.

    My Thursday interviews went OK, but I didn't feel great about them. Figured I wouldn't get them.

    Tuesday came along (it was my birthday) and I got a call from District A, but didn't answer or check the voicemail until I had my interview with District D. That interview went really well and I left ecstatic. They told me if I made it to a second round I would hear by the following Friday. I also got a voicemail from District C with a rejection.

    I called District A back and it was a job offer at a nice school for 3rd grade. I asked if I could have the night to discuss with my family and call him back in the morning.

    Ultimately I decided to take the position and cross the bridge when I got to it with District D. I called him back and accepted and he told me HR would call next week sometime (still haven't heard from them as of now). A few hours later District D called asking me to come in for a 2nd round interview for a 5th grade on Tuesday (July 8). I said YES!

    The 2nd round was about 3.5 hours long! I toured the school with the principal, met with the assistant superintendent, HR to review the employee handbook, then a 30 minute writing sample. On my way to the school, the principal told me that she was glad I was her first so she could prep me for the rest of my interviews. Made it sound like I was her first choice. She also told me that I was now being considered for a 3rd grade at a different school and the principal wanted to meet with me.

    We came back from our tour early and I met with the principal (they were doing screening interviews that day). He explained that they are re-opening a school and I would be the only 3rd grade for the year, and then in 15-16 they would add another one. He barely asked me any questions and I figured I was out of the running since I only have a year of experience.

    After my meeting with the assistant superintendent, the principal was waiting for her next person to tour. She asked me how it went and what I thought about the 3rd grade at the other school. I ultimately told her it's an exciting opportunity, but her school is my first choice.

    The woman in HR told me I'd hear by Friday; either a call with a job offer or an email rejection. I was so nervous.

    Tuesday I also heard from District B with a limited term position. I turned it down.

    Yesterday I was sitting at work when I got a call from District D. The voicemail said to call HR back. Ahhh! I was so excited and nervous! I called her back and she offered me the 3rd grade position at the school that is re-opening. I was a little taken aback because it was not the offer I was expecting, but I accepted.

    Thinking about it now, it's an exciting opportunity as all the teachers and principal will be new to the school. So, essentially we get to create the community and atmosphere. Pretty neat.

    When comparing the two positions from District A and District D, it really was a no-brainer that I change to District D. It's a better fit for me (I want to stay there long term, District A I would leave in a few years) and, though it's not everything, the pay is much higher in District D.

    So today I called the principal at District A and left a voicemail to call me back. I haven't signed a contract or anything and will tell him that my life circumstances have made me unable to accept the position. I feel really bad about it, but District D is what I want and is a better fit for me in the long term.

    Sorry for the long novel, but it has been a crazy three weeks and I feel my non-teacher family and friends just don't understand. I am floored that I had 3 job offers from 5 interviews. Last year with no experience I was lucky to get 2 interviews.

    For those of you still searching, don't give up hope yet! Everything happens for a reason and you will find the job you are meant to have:) And having that year of experience makes a world of a difference than being fresh out of school!
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    Congratulations!!! :celebrate:

    It makes me very happy to hear a fellow teacher is having job search success! It sounds like you made the best choice for you. I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming school year. I too am fresh out of my first year, and it has made a great difference in the amount of interviews I have attended.
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    Jul 10, 2014

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    Jul 10, 2014

    It must have felt empowering to be able to choose!!!! Congrats and best of luck!!
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    Jul 10, 2014

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    Jul 10, 2014

    Yes, it must feel great to have choices! Congrats!! :)
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    Congratulations! Now hurry up HR! Lol

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