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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by Sub2Teach, Jun 22, 2007.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Well, I just had my second interview yesterday, I wasn't too nervous going there and even prepping for it, but then when I was in there, I stared to get nervous. But, I tried to remain calm and answer the questions as best I could. It was scary though cause it was a panel interview and i don't have much experience with those. Anyway, the principal told me yesterday I could call today and find out about the teachers decision. Principal said they were "very impressed" with me and they wanted to send me on. The next step is meeting with superintendent. But, she said she is in a holding pattern right now waiting to see about the open position and another that might become available. She said to contact her if I got another job in the meantime. So what does this mean? Should I consider myself very close to being hired? ANy advice on what to do in the meantime? How does that work when you meet with super? Is it just a formality? Never been in this position before, so I'm really excited and anxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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