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    I am currently co-teaching in a high school English class, and my part is to do the vocabulary that goes along with Romeo and Juliet. During the school year, I do not work with English classes, and I was hoping for some suggestions for vocab lessons. I feel like I do the same thing all of the time, and the kids are bored!
    Thank you!
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    Here are some more hands-on ways that I teach vocabulary.

    1. Vocabulary skits or charades - students work as a group to create a skit that exhibits the definition.

    2. Vocabulary flip books - Students write the definition at the top of the page, draw an illustration that shows the meaning, and write the vocabulary word at the bottom.

    3.Vocabulary Fly Swat - Write the vocabulary words or definitions on your overhead. The words are displayed on the screen and students compete against each other to swat the correct vocabulary
    word or definition first. - I suggest that you only use this with a class that doesn't get overly excitable.

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