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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by pommom, Apr 15, 2018.

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    My first year teaching was at a small private school. In Feb we had to fill out a letter of intent form if we planned on coming back next year. I put no, and my principal wrote wrote me a recommendation letter.
    This is my first year working at a public school. I haven't heard anything regarding contracts yet.
    I don't think they would want me back here because I have had a ton of student and parent complaints...
    I am not coming back to this particular school anyways, and I did already put in for a transfer. I haven't heard anything about my transfer request.
    It looks bad not having a contract renewed right, even if I do not want to work at this school again?
    I don't know how this works. Should I start asking now if my contract is getting renewed or not? If it is not renewed, do I receive a paper stating this, or it is just told verbally? Once they tell me I am not being renewed, is it too late to just resign at the end of this school year instead?
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    If they do renew your contract and you can't find anything else, would you go back to this school? Most districts have a date where non-renewals have to be told by. Ours is already passed- it was March 15th. Find out if your district has a date. You also need to find out if you can still transfer if you resign. My guess would be no. If you have a union, these would be good questions to ask them. If not, use a friend's phone to call HR and ask anonymously.

    If you are really sure you will be non-renewed, yes that looks bad even if you're not planning on returning. You'd have to report that on job applications forever and many places use those as weed out questions. There is no benefit in resigning after you've already been told, because they ask on applications if you've resigned in lieu of non-renewal. To avoid this, you need to resign prior to being told anything so you can honestly answer "no" to those questions on applications.
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    Read your contract and/or handbook. It should spell out pertinent dates for non renewal and contract issuance.

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